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2016Shifting Paradigms for High-grade Prostatic Intraepithelial NeoplasiaHaffner MC, Barbieri CE.Eur Urol
2014SPOP mutations in prostate cancer across demographically diverse patient cohortsBlattner M, Lee DJ, O'Reilly C, Park K, MacDonald TY, Khani F, Turner KR, Chiu YL, Wild PJ, Dolgalev I, Heguy A, Sboner A, Ramazangolu S, Hieronymus H, Sawyers C, Tewari AK, Moch H, Yoon GS, Known YC, Andrén O, Fall K, Demichelis F, Mosquera JM, Robinson BD, Barbieri CE, Rubin MA.Neoplasia
2014TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusion predicts subsequent detection of prostate cancer in patients with high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasiaPark K, Dalton JT, Narayanan R, Barbieri CE, Hancock ML, Bostwick DG, Steiner MS, Rubin MA.J Clin Oncol
2014Recurrent prostate cancer genomic alterations predict response to brachytherapy treatmentFontugne J, Lee D, Cantaloni C, Barbieri CE, Caffo O, Hanspeter E, Mazzoleni G, Dalla Palma P, Rubin MA, Fellin G, Mosquera JM, Barbareschi M, Demichelis F.Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
2014Molecular characterization of prostate cancer following androgen deprivation: the devil in the detailsBarbieri CE, Rubin MA.Eur Urol
2014Unraveling the clonal hierarchy of somatic genomic aberrationsPrandi D, Baca SC, Romanel A, Barbieri CE, Mosquera JM, Fontugne J, Beltran H, Sboner A, Garraway LA, Rubin MA, Demichelis F.Genome Biol
2014The lethal clone in prostate cancer: redefining the indexBarbieri CE, Demichelis F, Rubin MA.Eur Urol
2014Evidence for molecular differences in prostate cancer between African American and Caucasian menKhani F, Mosquera JM, Park K, Blattner M, O'Reilly C, MacDonald TY, Chen Z, Srivastava A, Tewari AK, Barbieri CE, Rubin MA, Robinson BD.Clin Cancer Res
2013Prostate cancer-associated mutations in speckle-type POZ protein (SPOP) regulate steroid receptor coactivator 3 protein turnoverGeng C, He B, Xu L, Barbieri CE, Eedunuri VK, Chew SA, Zimmermann M, Bond R, Shou J, Li C, Blattner M, Lonard DM, Demichelis F, Coarfa C, Rubin MA, Zhou P, O'Malley BW, Mitsiades N.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
2013Punctuated evolution of prostate cancer genomesBaca SC, Prandi D, Lawrence MS, Mosquera JM, Romanel A, Drier Y, Park K, Kitabayashi N, MacDonald TY, Ghandi M, Van Allen E, Kryukov GV, Sboner A, Theurillat JP, Soong TD, Nickerson E, Auclair D, Tewari A, Beltran H, Onofrio RC, Boysen G, Guiducci C, Barbieri CE, Cibulskis K, Sivachenko A, Carter SL, Saksena G, Voet D, Ramos AH, Winckler W, Cipicchio M, Ardlie K, Kantoff PW, Berger MF, Gabriel SB, Golub TR, Meyerson M, Lander ES, Elemento O, Getz G, Demichelis F, Rubin MA, Garraway LA.Cell
2014The prostate cancer genome: perspectives and potentialBarbieri CE, Tomlins SA.Urol Oncol
2015The Molecular Taxonomy of Primary Prostate CancerCancer Genome Atlas Research Network.Cell
2016Molecular subtyping of prostate cancerKaffenberger SD, Barbieri CE.Curr Opin Urol
2016Clinical variability and molecular heterogeneity in prostate cancerShoag J, Barbieri CE.Asian J Androl
2016Lethal Prostate Cancer in the PLCO Cancer Screening TrialShoag J, Mittal S, Halpern JA, Scherr D, Hu JC, Barbieri CE.Eur Urol
2016Decline in Prostate Cancer Screening by Primary Care Physicians: An Analysis of Trends in the Use of Digital Rectal Examination and Prostate Specific Antigen TestingShoag J, Halpern JA, Lee DJ, Mittal S, Ballman KV, Barbieri CE, Hu JC.J Urol
2015Genomic rearrangements in prostate cancerBarbieri CE, Rubin MA.Curr Opin Urol
2015Reprint of: The prostate cancer genome: Perspectives and potentialBarbieri CE, Tomlins SA.Urol Oncol
2015Beyond immune checkpoint blockade: new approaches to targeting host-tumor interactions in prostate cancer: report from the 2014 Coffey-Holden prostate cancer academy meetingMiyahira AK, Kissick HT, Bishop JL, Takeda DY, Barbieri CE, Simons JW, Pienta KJ, Soule HR.Prostate
2015SPOP mutation leads to genomic instability in prostate cancerBoysen G, Barbieri CE, Prandi D, Blattner M, Chae SS, Dahija A, Nataraj S, Huang D, Marotz C, Xu L, Huang J, Lecca P, Chhangawala S, Liu D, Zhou P, Sboner A, de Bono JS, Demichelis F, Houvras Y, Rubin MA.Elife
2015Efficacy of Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening: Use of Regression Discontinuity in the PLCO Cancer Screening TrialShoag J, Halpern J, Eisner B, Lee R, Mittal S, Barbieri CE, Shoag D.JAMA Oncol
2013Re: Stoehr et al. Lack of evidence for frequent MED12 p.L1224F mutation in prostate tumours from Caucasian patients. J Pathol 2013; 230: 453-456Barbieri CE, Sboner A, Rubin MA, Garraway LA.J Pathol
2013The mutational landscape of prostate cancerBarbieri CE, Bangma CH, Bjartell A, Catto JW, Culig Z, Grönberg H, Luo J, Visakorpi T, Rubin MA.Eur Urol
2006p63 and epithelial biologyBarbieri CE, Pietenpol JA.Exp Cell Res
2006The DNA binding activity of p53 displays reaction-diffusion kineticsHinow P, Rogers CE, Barbieri CE, Pietenpol JA, Kenworthy AK, DiBenedetto E.Biophys J
2006Loss of p63 leads to increased cell migration and up-regulation of genes involved in invasion and metastasisBarbieri CE, Tang LJ, Brown KA, Pietenpol JA.Cancer Res
2005IGFBP-3 is a direct target of transcriptional regulation by DeltaNp63alpha in squamous epitheliumBarbieri CE, Perez CA, Johnson KN, Ely KA, Billheimer D, Pietenpol JA.Cancer Res
2005p53 family members: similar biochemistry, different biologyBarbieri CE, Pietenpol JA.Cancer Biol Ther
2005Ultraviolet radiation induces phosphorylation and ubiquitin-mediated degradation of DeltaNp63alphaWestfall MD, Joyner AS, Barbieri CE, Livingstone M, Pietenpol JA.Cell Cycle
2003Inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling decreases p63 expression in head and neck squamous carcinoma cellsMatheny KE, Barbieri CE, Sniezek JC, Arteaga CL, Pietenpol JA.Laryngoscope
2003Delta Np63 alpha expression is regulated by the phosphoinositide 3-kinase pathwayBarbieri CE, Barton CE, Pietenpol JA.J Biol Chem
2022Collision tumors revealed by prospectively assessing subtype-defining molecular alterations in 904 individual prostate cancer fociFontugne J, Cai PY, Alnajar H, Bhinder B, Park K, Ye H, Beg S, Sailer V, Siddiqui J, Blattner-Johnson M, Croyle JA, Noorzad Z, Calagua C, MacDonald TY, Axcrona U, Bogaard M, Axcrona K, Scherr DS, Sanda MG, Johannessen B, Chinnaiyan AM, Elemento O, Skotheim RI, Rubin MA, Barbieri CE, Mosquera JM.JCI Insight
2007Association of procedure volume with radical cystectomy outcomes in a nationwide databaseBarbieri CE, Lee B, Cookson MS, Bingham J, Clark PE, Smith JA Jr, Chang SS.J Urol
2009DeltaNp63 antagonizes p53 to regulate mesoderm induction in Xenopus laevisBarton CE, Tahinci E, Barbieri CE, Johnson KN, Hanson AJ, Jernigan KK, Chen TW, Lee E, Pietenpol JA.Dev Biol
2013Evolution of novel biomarkers for detection of prostate cancerBarbieri CE.J Urol
2012Molecular genetics of prostate cancer: emerging appreciation of genetic complexityBarbieri CE, Demichelis F, Rubin MA.Histopathology
2012Decision curve analysis assessing the clinical benefit of NMP22 in the detection of bladder cancer: secondary analysis of a prospective trialBarbieri CE, Cha EK, Chromecki TF, Dunning A, Lotan Y, Svatek RS, Scherr DS, Karakiewicz PI, Sun M, Mazumdar M, Shariat SF.BJU Int
2012Exome sequencing identifies recurrent SPOP, FOXA1 and MED12 mutations in prostate cancerBarbieri CE, Baca SC, Lawrence MS, Demichelis F, Blattner M, Theurillat JP, White TA, Stojanov P, Van Allen E, Stransky N, Nickerson E, Chae SS, Boysen G, Auclair D, Onofrio RC, Park K, Kitabayashi N, MacDonald TY, Sheikh K, Vuong T, Guiducci C, Cibulskis K, Sivachenko A, Carter SL, Saksena G, Voet D, Hussain WM, Ramos AH, Winckler W, Redman MC, Ardlie K, Tewari AK, Mosquera JM, Rupp N, Wild PJ, Moch H, Morrissey C, Nelson PS, Kantoff PW, Gabriel SB, Golub TR, Meyerson M, Lander ES, Getz G, Rubin MA, Garraway LA.Nat Genet
2012Next-generation prostate cancer biobanking: toward a processing protocol amenable for the International Cancer Genome ConsortiumEsgueva R, Park K, Kim R, Kitabayashi N, Barbieri CE, Dorsey PJ Jr, Abraham C, Banerjee S, Leung RA, Tewari AK, Terry S, Shevchuk MM, Rickman DS, Rubin MA; Weill Cornell Medical College.Diagn Mol Pathol
2012Deletion or underexpression of the Y-chromosome genes CDY2 and HSFY is associated with maturation arrest in American men with nonobstructive azoospermiaStahl PJ, Mielnik AN, Barbieri CE, Schlegel PN, Paduch DA.Asian J Androl
2011Soluble gp130 regulates prostate cancer invasion and progression in an interleukin-6 dependent and independent mannerShariat SF, Chromecki TF, Hoefer J, Barbieri CE, Scherr DS, Karakiewicz PI, Roehrborn CG, Montorsi F, Culig Z, Cavarretta IT.J Urol
2010Tissue-based molecular markers for bladder cancerBarbieri CE, Lotan Y, Lee RK, Sonpavde G, Karakiewicz PI, Robinson B, Scherr DS, Shariat SF.Minerva Urol Nefrol
2010Ureteroileal anastomosis with intraluminal visualization: technique and outcomesBarbieri CE, Schwartz MJ, Boorjian SA, Lee MM, Scherr DS.Urology
2022Elevated expression of the colony-stimulating factor 1 (CSF1) induces prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia dependent of epithelial-Gp130Kwon OJ, Zhang B, Jia D, Zhang L, Wei X, Zhou Z, Liu D, Huynh KT, Zhang K, Zhang Y, Labhart P, Sboner A, Barbieri C, Haffner MC, Creighton CJ, Xin L.Oncogene
2021G3BP1 inhibits Cul3(SPOP) to amplify AR signaling and promote prostate cancerMukhopadhyay C, Yang C, Xu L, Liu D, Wang Y, Huang D, Deonarine LD, Cyrta J, Davicioni E, Sboner A, Robinson BD, Chinnaiyan AM, Rubin MA, Barbieri CE, Zhou P.Nat Commun
2020Prognostic value of the SPOP mutant genomic subclass in prostate cancerShoag J, Liu D, Ma X, Oromendia C, Christos P, Ballman K, Angulo C, Cai PY, Gaffney C, Klein E, Karnes J, Den RB, Liu Y, Davicioni E, Barbieri CE.Urol Oncol
2020Integrative multiplatform molecular profiling of benign prostatic hyperplasia identifies distinct subtypesLiu D, Shoag JE, Poliak D, Goueli RS, Ravikumar V, Redmond D, Vosoughi A, Fontugne J, Pan H, Lee D, Thomas D, Salari K, Wang Z, Romanel A, Te A, Lee R, Chughtai B, Olumi AF, Mosquera JM, Demichelis F, Elemento O, Rubin MA, Sboner A, Barbieri CE.Nat Commun
2020Trends in the Use of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Treatment of Prostate Cancer in the United StatesMahase SS, D'Angelo D, Kang J, Hu JC, Barbieri CE, Nagar H.JAMA Netw Open
2020Combined Metabolomics and Genome-Wide Transcriptomics Analyses Show Multiple HIF1α-Induced Changes in Lipid Metabolism in Early Stage Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinomavan der Mijn JC, Fu L, Khani F, Zhang T, Molina AM, Barbieri CE, Chen Q, Gross SS, Gudas LJ, Nanus DM.Transl Oncol
2019Intraductal carcinoma of the prostate in the absence of high-grade invasive carcinoma represents a molecularly distinct type of in situ carcinoma enriched with oncogenic driver mutationsKhani F, Wobker SE, Hicks JL, Robinson BD, Barbieri CE, De Marzo AM, Epstein JI, Pritchard CC, Lotan TL.J Pathol
2019N-Myc-mediated epigenetic reprogramming drives lineage plasticity in advanced prostate cancerBerger A, Brady NJ, Bareja R, Robinson B, Conteduca V, Augello MA, Puca L, Ahmed A, Dardenne E, Lu X, Hwang I, Bagadion AM, Sboner A, Elemento O, Paik J, Yu J, Barbieri CE, Dephoure N, Beltran H, Rickman DS.J Clin Invest
2019FOXA1 mutations alter pioneering activity, differentiation and prostate cancer phenotypesAdams EJ, Karthaus WR, Hoover E, Liu D, Gruet A, Zhang Z, Cho H, DiLoreto R, Chhangawala S, Liu Y, Watson PA, Davicioni E, Sboner A, Barbieri CE, Bose R, Leslie CS, Sawyers CL.Nature
2019Publisher Correction: The long tail of oncogenic drivers in prostate cancerArmenia J, Wankowicz SAM, Liu D, Gao J, Kundra R, Reznik E, Chatila WK, Chakravarty D, Han GC, Coleman I, Montgomery B, Pritchard C, Morrissey C, Barbieri CE, Beltran H, Sboner A, Zafeiriou Z, Miranda S, Bielski CM, Penson AV, Tolonen C, Huang FW, Robinson D, Wu YM, Lonigro R, Garraway LA, Demichelis F, Kantoff PW, Taplin ME, Abida W, Taylor BS, Scher HI, Nelson PS, de Bono JS, Rubin MA, Sawyers CL, Chinnaiyan AM; PCF/SU2C International Prostate Cancer Dream Team, Schultz N, Van Allen EM.Nat Genet
2019Integrative Molecular Analysis of Patients With Advanced and Metastatic CancerSailer V, Eng KW, Zhang T, Bareja R, Pisapia DJ, Sigaras A, Bhinder B, Romanel A, Wilkes D, Sticca E, Cyrta J, Rao R, Sahota S, Pauli C, Beg S, Motanagh S, Kossai M, Fontunge J, Puca L, Rennert H, Zhaoying Xiang J, Greco N, Kim R, MacDonald TY, McNary T, Blattner-Johnson M, Schiffman MH, Faltas BM, Greenfield JP, Rickman D, Andreopoulou E, Holcomb K, Vahdat LT, Scherr DS, van Besien K, Barbieri CE, Robinson BD, Fine HA, Ocean AJ, Molina A, Shah MA, Nanus DM, Pan Q, Demichelis F, Tagawa ST, Song W, Mosquera JM, Sboner A, Rubin MA, Elemento O, Beltran H.JCO Precis Oncol
2020Trends in Diagnosis and Disparities in Initial Management of High-Risk Prostate Cancer in the USAgrawal V, Ma X, Hu JC, Barbieri CE, Nagar H.JAMA Netw Open
2020Author Correction: FOXA1 mutations alter pioneering activity, differentiation and prostate cancer phenotypesAdams EJ, Karthaus WR, Hoover E, Liu D, Gruet A, Zhang Z, Cho H, DiLoreto R, Chhangawala S, Liu Y, Watson PA, Davicioni E, Sboner A, Barbieri CE, Bose R, Leslie CS, Sawyers CL.Nature
2021Race and Genetic Alterations in Prostate CancerSchumacher FR, Basourakos SP, Lewicki PJ, Vince R, Spratt DE, Barbieri CE, Shoag JE.JCO Precis Oncol
2021Reshaping of the androgen-driven chromatin landscape in normal prostate cells by early cancer drivers and effect on therapeutic sensitivityGrbesa I, Augello MA, Liu D, McNally DR, Gaffney CD, Huang D, Lin K, Ivenitsky D, Goueli R, Robinson BD, Khani F, Deonarine LD, Blattner M, Elemento O, Davicioni E, Sboner A, Barbieri CE.Cell Rep
2021Re: Early Results of Unilateral Prostatic Artery Embolization as a Focal Therapy in Patients with Prostate Cancer under Active Surveillance: Cancer Prostate Embolization, a Pilot StudyBalasubramanian A, Nagar H, Barbieri CE, Tagawa ST, McClure TD.J Vasc Interv Radiol
2021Understanding the True Prevalence of Prostate Cancer Genomic Subtypes: Use of Inverse Probability Weighting to Correct for Biases in Molecularly Profiled CohortsCai PY, Ma X, Christos P, Barbieri CE, Shoag JE.J Urol
2021Tissue-Based Biomarkers for the Risk Stratification of Men With Clinically Localized Prostate CancerBasourakos SP, Tzeng M, Lewicki PJ, Patel K, Awamlh BAHA, Venkat S, Shoag JE, Gorin MA, Barbieri CE, Hu JC.Front Oncol
2021Tumor subtype defines distinct pathways of molecular and clinical progression in primary prostate cancerLiu D, Augello MA, Grbesa I, Prandi D, Liu Y, Shoag JE, Karnes RJ, Trock BJ, Klein EA, Den RB, Demichelis F, Davicioni E, Sboner A, Barbieri CE.J Clin Invest
2021Active Surveillance for Men with Intermediate Risk Prostate CancerAgrawal V, Ma X, Hu JC, Barbieri CE, Nagar H.J Urol
2020Diversity in Androgen Receptor Action Among Treatment-naïve Prostate Cancers Is Reflected in Treatment Response Predictions and Molecular SubtypesBen-Salem S, Hu Q, Liu Y, Alshalalfa M, Zhao X, Wang I, Venkadakrishnan VB, Senapati D, Kumari S, Liu D, Sboner A, Barbieri CE, Feng F, Billaud JN, Davicioni E, Liu S, Heemers HV.Eur Urol Open Sci
2020CDK12 Gene Alterations in Prostate Cancer: Present, but Clinically Actionable?Marciscano AE, Barbieri CE.Eur Urol
2019CHD1 Loss Alters AR Binding at Lineage-Specific Enhancers and Modulates Distinct Transcriptional Programs to Drive Prostate TumorigenesisAugello MA, Liu D, Deonarine LD, Robinson BD, Huang D, Stelloo S, Blattner M, Doane AS, Wong EWP, Chen Y, Rubin MA, Beltran H, Elemento O, Bergman AM, Zwart W, Sboner A, Dephoure N, Barbieri CE.Cancer Cell
2019Unraveling Prostate Cancer Genomics, Pathology, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging VisibilityShoag JE, Tosoian JJ, Salami SS, Barbieri CE.Eur Urol
2017DNA Repair in Prostate Cancer: Biology and Clinical ImplicationsMateo J, Boysen G, Barbieri CE, Bryant HE, Castro E, Nelson PS, Olmos D, Pritchard CC, Rubin MA, de Bono JS.Eur Urol
2017SPOP Mutation Drives Prostate Tumorigenesis In Vivo through Coordinate Regulation of PI3K/mTOR and AR SignalingBlattner M, Liu D, Robinson BD, Huang D, Poliakov A, Gao D, Nataraj S, Deonarine LD, Augello MA, Sailer V, Ponnala L, Ittmann M, Chinnaiyan AM, Sboner A, Chen Y, Rubin MA, Barbieri CE.Cancer Cell
2017Prognostic Significance of a Negative Prostate Biopsy: An Analysis of Subjects Enrolled in a Prostate Cancer Screening TrialLewicki P, Shoag J, Golombos DM, Oromendia C, Ballman KV, Halpern JA, Stone BV, O'Malley P, Barbieri CE, Scherr DS.J Urol
2016Editorial CommentBarbieri CE.J Urol
2017Erratum to: Unraveling the clonal hierarchy of somatic genomic aberrationsPrandi D, Baca SC, Romanel A, Barbieri CE, Mosquera JM, Fontugne J, Beltran H, Sboner A, Garraway LA, Rubin MA, Demichelis F.Genome Biol
2017Quantification of mutant SPOP proteins in prostate cancer using mass spectrometry-based targeted proteomicsWang H, Barbieri CE, He J, Gao Y, Shi T, Wu C, Schepmoes AA, Fillmore TL, Chae SS, Huang D, Mosquera JM, Qian WJ, Smith RD, Srivastava S, Kagan J, Camp DG 2nd, Rodland KD, Rubin MA, Liu T.J Transl Med
2017Prostate cancer-associated SPOP mutations confer resistance to BET inhibitors through stabilization of BRD4Dai X, Gan W, Li X, Wang S, Zhang W, Huang L, Liu S, Zhong Q, Guo J, Zhang J, Chen T, Shimizu K, Beca F, Blattner M, Vasudevan D, Buckley DL, Qi J, Buser L, Liu P, Inuzuka H, Beck AH, Wang L, Wild PJ, Garraway LA, Rubin MA, Barbieri CE, Wong KK, Muthuswamy SK, Huang J, Chen Y, Bradner JE, Wei W.Nat Med
2017Co-clinical Analysis of a Genetically Engineered Mouse Model and Human Prostate Cancer Reveals Significance of NKX3.1 Expression for Response to 5α-reductase InhibitionDutta A, Panja S, Virk RK, Kim JY, Zott R, Cremers S, Golombos DM, Liu D, Mosquera JM, Mostaghel EA, Barbieri CE, Mitrofanova A, Abate-Shen C.Eur Urol
2017Vasectomy and Risk of Prostate Cancer in a Screening TrialShoag J, Savenkov O, Christos PJ, Mittal S, Halpern JA, Askin G, Shoag D, Golan R, Lee DJ, O'Malley P, Najari B, Eisner B, Hu JC, Scherr D, Schlegel P, Barbieri CE.Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
2017The Emergence of Precision Urologic Oncology: A Collaborative Review on Biomarker-driven TherapeuticsBarbieri CE, Chinnaiyan AM, Lerner SP, Swanton C, Rubin MA.Eur Urol
2017Prostate size, nocturia and the digital rectal examination: a cohort study of 30 500 menStone BV, Shoag J, Halpern JA, Mittal S, Lewicki P, Golombos DM, Bedretdinova D, Chughtai B, Barbieri CE, Lee RK.BJU Int
2019The Clinical Utility of the Genomic Prostate Score in Men with Very Low to Intermediate Risk Prostate CancerGaffney C, Golan R, Cantu MD, Scognamiglio T, McCarthy H, Mosquera JM, McClure TD, Barbieri CE, Robinson BD, Khani F.J Urol
2018The Role of Gut Microbiome in the Pathogenesis of Prostate Cancer: A Prospective, Pilot StudyGolombos DM, Ayangbesan A, O'Malley P, Lewicki P, Barlow L, Barbieri CE, Chan C, DuLong C, Abu-Ali G, Huttenhower C, Scherr DS.Urology
2018Impact of the SPOP Mutant Subtype on the Interpretation of Clinical Parameters in Prostate CancerLiu D, Takhar M, Alshalalfa M, Erho N, Shoag J, Jenkins RB, Karnes RJ, Ross AE, Schaeffer EM, Rubin MA, Trock B, Klein EA, Den RB, Tomlins SA, Spratt DE, Davicioni E, Sboner A, Barbieri CE.JCO Precis Oncol
2018SPOP mutation drives prostate neoplasia without stabilizing oncogenic transcription factor ERGShoag J, Liu D, Blattner M, Sboner A, Park K, Deonarine L, Robinson BD, Mosquera JM, Chen Y, Rubin MA, Barbieri CE.J Clin Invest
2018The long tail of oncogenic drivers in prostate cancerArmenia J, Wankowicz SAM, Liu D, Gao J, Kundra R, Reznik E, Chatila WK, Chakravarty D, Han GC, Coleman I, Montgomery B, Pritchard C, Morrissey C, Barbieri CE, Beltran H, Sboner A, Zafeiriou Z, Miranda S, Bielski CM, Penson AV, Tolonen C, Huang FW, Robinson D, Wu YM, Lonigro R, Garraway LA, Demichelis F, Kantoff PW, Taplin ME, Abida W, Taylor BS, Scher HI, Nelson PS, de Bono JS, Rubin MA, Sawyers CL, Chinnaiyan AM; PCF/SU2C International Prostate Cancer Dream Team, Schultz N, Van Allen EM.Nat Genet
2018Molecular Subtypes of Prostate CancerArora K, Barbieri CE.Curr Oncol Rep
2018Introduction to "Molecular drivers of prostate cancer development, progression, and resistance to therapy"Barbieri CE.Urol Oncol
2018Impact of Pelvic Radiation Therapy on Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Reoperation RatesGolan R, Patel NA, Sun T, Barbieri CE, Sedrakyan A, Kashanian JA.J Sex Med
2018SPOP-Mutated/CHD1-Deleted Lethal Prostate Cancer and Abiraterone SensitivityBoysen G, Rodrigues DN, Rescigno P, Seed G, Dolling D, Riisnaes R, Crespo M, Zafeiriou Z, Sumanasuriya S, Bianchini D, Hunt J, Moloney D, Perez-Lopez R, Tunariu N, Miranda S, Figueiredo I, Ferreira A, Christova R, Gil V, Aziz S, Bertan C, de Oliveira FM, Atkin M, Clarke M, Goodall J, Sharp A, MacDonald T, Rubin MA, Yuan W, Barbieri CE, Carreira S, Mateo J, de Bono JS.Clin Cancer Res
2017Molecular alterations in prostate cancer and association with MRI featuresLee D, Fontugne J, Gumpeni N, Park K, MacDonald TY, Robinson BD, Sboner A, Rubin MA, Mosquera JM, Barbieri CE.Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis
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